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Scott Todd

Director & Construction Manager

Strathclyde (previously TC Groundworks Limited) was established in July 2014 by Scott Todd to undertake civil construction and landscaping works in the Christchurch area. Moved by his drive to continue learning and take on challenging projects, Scott quickly directed the company into earthquake repairs and re-levelling works.

When we moved into building works, our clients were so happy with the quality of our work and our practical problem-solving abilities, they consequently asked us to carry out their home renovations and extensions. Our attention to detail, exceptional workmanship and passion for challenge has lead to our most recent progression into architectural building.

We take care of the entire project, from the design stage throughout construction and project management. We offer a full “start to finish” package including a combination of building, earthworks and landscaping crews.

Our director Scott takes pride in his outstanding ability to solve complex issues with creative and practical ideas. We excel in challenging and complex projects. Since 2014, Scott has worked hard to recruit a well-skilled, professional and knowledgeable team. 70% of our team has 18 years + experience in the industry. Combined we have a great depth of experience both in NZ and abroad.

Our multidisciplinary team gives Strathclyde great versatility in the work we can undertake. With this versatility comes the advantage of being able to carry out successfully a broad range of works encompassing building, civils, earthworks and landscaping. At Strathclyde, we take great pride in our work. We focus on providing a professional experience for our customers. Accountability and reliability are at the heart of Strathclyde’s key values, and every team member works hard to live by these values on the job. We believe that transparent communication is paramount to every successful project and relationship. Strathclyde will constantly keep you updated on the progress of your build.

You will gain access to our project management software to check live progress, ask questions, and keep all information and communication in one handy location. We take health and safety very seriously. We work in partnership with a Health and Safety Consultant to uphold and maintain our health and safety standards. Our team is committed to ensuring a safe work environment throughout all projects at all times.

Mission Statement

Strathclyde – making the difficult easy.

  • Strathclyde operates to create solutions for complex building, groundworks & civil projects. We design our solutions providing a robust product that suits the aesthetic and practical needs of our clients. To do so, we draw on the wealth of expertise offered by our diverse team. This is our WHY.
  • In delivering complex projects and seeking out the best possible methodologies and materials for our clients, we continually strive to be the best in our field. We aim to excel in all aspects of our business, from sales and planning through to design and construction, followed by handover and aftercare. Our core values set out how we approach each aspect of our business. We execute everything we do with integrity and ingenuity.
  • We are committed to the personal and professional growth of every employee. Our Director promotes a culture driven on our Core Values and based on honesty, integrity, teamwork, selflessness, accountability, respect and following through on our obligations.
  • Through continual professional development and advancement of our business systems, our goal is to keep improving and continuously excel at what we do each week. We are happy with our current company size. We can offer real efficiency to our clients. We have the right resource to tackle the largest of residential projects while providing a friendly personal touch. We sustain our business and continue our quest to true excellence by constantly offering a great experience and an outstanding finished product for our customers.
  • With strict adherence to the Hierarchy, we will continue to keep our team safe by accommodating a culture where everyone is involved, and the development of work practices is an ongoing effort. To guarantee a safe work environment, we will continue to record and measure our safety. To ensure the progression of our already strong safety culture, we will keep investing in the training and mentoring of our staff.
  • Collectively, from apprentice to Director, we will not accept mediocre quality. We believe that strong and exceptional workmanship is paramount to executing this goal. Continued planning, measuring twice and conscious action will allow us to excel with the quality of our work.
  • Key to the success of each project is our fantastic chain of subcontractors and suppliers. We will continue to support our supply chain, and ensure they share the same commitment to our goal of excellence. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link; thus, we are only as good as our weakest supplier.
  • Lastly, we will endeavour to nurture our customers by treating their thoughts, beliefs and opinions with respect. Our business depends on great customers. We must be the best construction company providing the best service so we can cater to the best customers.

Core values

Strathclyde provides the most efficient solutions to complex projects. We are committed to building outstanding and durable homes and gardens with integrity and ingenuity, giving Canterbury the service it deserves.

If It's Not Good: It's Not Good Enough

This value is true across the board, from design through construction, from initial consultation to handover and from the office to the sites. We have the same standard for everything we do and GOOD is the least we accept. We hold each other accountable for our high standards and by discussing this value continually, each and every team member is aware of the standard, which is set, that is being the best in the field.

Our Word Is Our Bond

If we say we are going to do something, we do it. Honesty and integrity are our most important values. They underpin everything we do. We must always deliver on our promises.

Think About The Next Guy

All our team leaders have worked on large commercial projects. They have seen first-hand the issues that arise when all trades on a project work towards the same goal. As such, Strathclyde is extremely focused on making life as easy as possible for the next trade to come in (which often is another member of our team). Thinking about the next guy keeps morale high and makes for a smoothly run project.

No Egos

We work as a team, asking each other for help when we need it, supporting each other and sharing each other's wins. Effective communication and openness are at the heart of our team spirit. If we make a mistake, we own it, then we fix it. Focusing on the big picture, which is the successful delivery of our customer’s project, we need to leave egos at the site gate. True collaboration only comes when we can all focus on one single goal. This is the Strathclyde way.

Treat It Like Our Own Home

Our Director Scott is often reiterating this. It can be easy to see a home as just a workplace when you are working there every day. However, we know this is not the case. We all keep reminding each other of the respect that your property deserves.

Adhere To The Heirarchy (Safety - Quality - Speed)

Reinforcing our guarantee. Safety comes first, no exceptions. It is paramount that our team gets home safe each night. Quality is next. We aim for the highest standards and our team strive to uphold this, checking each other’s work and taking time for reflection to get the best outcomes. Speed comes last. We do not cut corners.


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