Director’s Vlog – 51 – 20/06/22

Thinking of construction outside of the box? Get your team on board to run the numbers and see if it beats out conventional construction.  

Director’s Vlog – 50 – 08/06/22

Buying or selling a house where there has been an EQC payout? Scott's shares some things to consider before accepting it.  

Director’s Vlog – 49 – 30/05/22

Change is afoot in the construction industry, what can you do to ensure you aren't a victim!  

Director’s Vlog – 48 – 16/05/22

Vehicle crossing applications. What are they? Do you need one? Scott answers all the questions you never knew you had.  

Director’s Vlog – 47 – 09/05/22

Landscaping for a new build. Scott talks through some things to consider.  

Director’s Vlog – 46 – 02/05/22

What is contract works insurance? Scott explains.  

Director’s Vlog – 45 – 19/04/22

Have a listen to find out the full scope of services that Strathclyde can offer you.  

Director’s Vlog – 44 – 11/04/22

Ever wondered what happens at the end of a build project?  

Director’s Vlog – 43 – 04/04/22

Cash is king. Have you done your due diligence?  

Director’s Vlog – 42 – 28/03/22

We've coined a new term at Strathclyde. Check out our "strat" days.  

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